1.2.1 Pilates
Matwork pilates sessions are great and take a whole body approach. All classes will attempt to balance left and right, improve core strength and flexibility and enhance posture and balance but it is always from the group needs which may not always suit you should you have specific requirements. Why and who would choose 1-2-1 sessions? This is suitable for anyone and everyone! If you have a specific issue or issues that may not be addressed in a general group level session then perhaps you should think about one-to-one lessons. You could have a specific issue eg back problems neck issues, knee pain, postural issues,weakupper body strength and ankles etc that enables me to focus on your individual aims and goals. Your specific needs will be taken into account and individual lesson plans drawn up. You can have this as a one-to-one session or if you belong to a group with the same needs then small groups can be taught. 1-2-1s Come with a full Posture Analysis Check These sessions will be tailored to you!

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