which is growing in popularity. It takes floor based pilates exercises and places them into an upright position. Not only does it make the exercises more functional but it also improves balance flexiblty and strength! This is particularly good for people who find getting up and down off the floor difficult for whatever reason. It benefits all those who would like more balance and strength in a standing position, e.g. those people who are on their feet all day in their work i.e. nurses, teachers, shop assistants, catering staff etc. This class is a mind /body class teaching you to engage muscles to aid balance with the addition of stretches. You can leave feeling worked, stretched and relaxed!
3D Standing Pilates
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It is best done in bare feet or socks as the feet muscles are engaged and then strengthened. Wear something loose and comfortable but this is a slow class so layers may be best but ensure you can easily move in them but don't get too chilly or too hot!
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Standing pilates can be done by people who may not be able to perform mat pilates on the floor
About 3d Standing Pilates

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The Hundred Single Leg Stretch The Spine Twist Double Leg Stretch Rolling like A Ball The Saw
No getting up and down off the floor, this is done in a standing position. Exercises performed while standing include:
 And many more.........
Strengthens ankles, knees, core, hips, plus aids balance flexibilty & posture.
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