Having taught classes for over 20 years, I am not only a Pilates teacher but have taught many classes from aerobics to step, toning classes to HIT, spinning to circuits and aqua. I am a member of REPs (Register of Exercise Professionals – www.exerciseregister.org)  (*Reps Approved Diploma Mat Pilates Teacher)*   This organisation sets out to ensure the public have properly qualified teachers running their local classes who have Govenment approved qualifications and training. They ensure that their fitness professionals are verified and certified to teach and follow the REPs code of conduct.

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Born In the NorthEast of England to Army parents I got a taste for exercise where i eventually became a Fitness Teacher
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Reps Approved Diploma Mat Pilates Teacher 3D Standing Pilates (APPI)        ( The Australian Physiotherapy          and Pilates Institute) Aerobics (Exercise to Music) Step (FitPro) Spinning (Keiser) Aqua Aerobics (FitPro) Pre And Post Natal Circuit Training Weight Training (BAWLA) Complete Core Total Body Conditioning Tone Stretch and Relax   

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This course enables our teachers to progress our biomechanical knowledge. it enables our teachers to take a deeper look at the pilates method and explore the reusilts that you get by applying it. By using advanced diagnostic abilities and diagnostic tools to problem solve blockages through the kinectic chain using this method.
Pilates Advanced Biomechanics
Pilates for Common Othopaedic Conditions
This course combined in-depth anatomy information. detailed descriptions of common joint problems (frozen shoulder, hip/knee replacements,as well as cleaning and non specific back pain etc and explains which pilates exercises should be performed to improve stability, flexibity, or strength around a joint. We can offer rehabilitive services working alongside physiotherapists and other health professionals to offer more focused classes.
   Reps Approved Diploma Mat Pilates                              & completed the      Pilates Advanced Biomechanics      Pilates for common Orthopaedic      conditions courses              (REPs Approved Courses)
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