Fitness (H.I.T) Pilates
High Intensity Training (HIT) pilates. This mixes fast paced basic moves performed to improve cardio fitness with slower paced songs where everything slows down to tone and improve core strength with pilates.
Everyone! I love to allow everyone to attend the same class whatever your current fitness level. Alternatives are given to make it either less or more challenging, depending on how you feel! Impact is optional and as the class goes from fast paced (well, as fast as you can manage) mixed with slower sections there is always time to get your breath back!
     Loose, comfortable clothing that allow you to move, but you will get hot and sweaty. Trainers should be worn.
This is a complete class; cardio training for those wanting to improve their heart/lung performance mixed with pilates exercises to aid core strength and flexibility. It intervals between the two areas so by the end of the class we will have worked all muscles in the body! There are alternatives to those who are starting their fitness journey and more challenging options for those who want to push it just a little bit more! There are some exercises with impact but if impact is not your thing there will be alternatives given, please talk to your instructor before starting.Many cardio classes have complicated routines to follow but this is more basic fitness exercisesto get the heart/lungs working so you can work hard without worrying where you need to be a 3 beats time, or ending up facing the group when they all turned towards you and you should have turned the other way! Emphasis is placed on correct technique in performing exercises while getting fit and having some fun!                            

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Fitness (HIT) Pilates
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