Mat Work Pilates
Joseph Pilates started exercising from a young age and understood the benefits of controlling the body via the mind which is why Pilates focuses on controlling the body movements, that is holding one part of the body still while moving another part of the body. His vision of 'Contrology' is what we see in Pilates today. He started rehabilitation of soldiers in the war camps and developed his idea of this form of exercise, i.e. mind overbody and strength verses flexibility even after he emigrated to America opening up a studio in New York. Many dancers and performers  in the 1920s benefited from his method and Pilates is still changing how people feel about their bodies even today.
What Is Mat Pilates ?
Is this like yoga?
No, many people think this. Yoga is primarily concerned with relaxation and flexibility whereas Joseph Pilates understood that joints need both flexibility and strength to function correctly. Pilates exercises will both strengthen and stretch in the same exercise, while increasing core strength, improved posture and much more...
Who is it for and what do I wear?
From younger people looking to improve strength to older clients looking to increase flexibility. It is for men as well as women, people looking to improve their feeling of well-being to sports people! Wear loose and comfortable clothes, making sure that they are big enough to cover you while moving from your back to your side and front! You don't want to be pulling clothes up and down, just concentrating on your next move! No shoes, just socks or bare feet.
Breathing  Centering Concentration Control Precision  Flow
It’s For Everyone?

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