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1. As Pilates Teachers do you promote we have many years of experience but don‛t have the current pilates qualification? No We make sure all our teachers use those  years of teaching experience/knowledge to test and achieve the current Reps Approved Diploma Mat Pilates qualification. 2. As Pilates Teachers do you promote we are qualified but cannot tell me what qualifications you have so I can check. No That's why when we say we are qualified we can prove we are qualified. We don‛t hide our qualifications, it is clearly stated on our website and leaflets and is checked as we belong to a professional body that checks our qualifications and you have no doubt that we are currently qualified. 3. I see there is level 1 ,2 &  3 Teachers what‛s the difference? Level 1, 2 & 3 no longer exist the Reps Approved Diploma Mat Pilates is the current standard and has been for many years. This level added far superior knowledge than level 1,2 & 3 as well as far harder exams in order to pass.     All our Teachers are Reps Approved Diploma Mat Pilates
4. Do you work with Physiotherapists & Osteopaths etc ? Yes We do because all our teachers are Reps Approved Diploma Mat Pilates, physios etc. can see and check that we are currently qualified therefore we can help to continue clients rehabilitation when finished with their physiotherapist,Osteopath etc. 5. How do you keep up with latest developments in Pilates? By being Professional as Pilates teachers, All our teachers regular update their knowledge through specialist Pilates courses through professional bodies. We clearly advertise that on our site and leaflets. This ensures the you are getting professional up to date Pilates Teachers for your class. e.g all our teachers also have completed the Reps Approved Pelvic Floor Conditions Pilates Advanced Biomechanics Pilates for Common Orthopaedic Conditions qualifications & Courses
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